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Long days of water, sun and family inspired me to create KATAMA.
My earliest memories are of a time when I lived in my bathing suit. Every summer in my childhood, several generations of my family would gather in a house by Katama Bay on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. I spent those days playing tennis and sailing with my father, strolling the beach with my grandfather, and canoeing, crabbing, and fishing with my uncles and cousins. In the evenings we would watch the sun set over the bay, and listen to my grandfather’s stories about his travels through Europe and Asia.
It was from these men that I developed my sense of style – combining the preppy athleticism of my father, the tailored sharpness of my world-traveling grandfather, and the military functionality of my uncle. This eclectic mix, paired with my own modern styling and attention to detail, forms the backbone of the KATAMA brand.
In our ever-busy world, it can be easy to forget the importance of connecting with nature. Our designs are the wardrobe for your outdoor adventures, using technical and time-honored fabrics for your dynamic lifestyle. Who says you can’t get off the grid and maintain your modern sensibilities? These are clothes for the new generation of adventure seekers.
— Garrett Neff, Founder of KATAMA